Finding the perfect web hosting provider

web hosting
web hosting

There are so many hosting solution providers out there. Finding the best provider can be a daunting task, trust me i know.

I have tried several hosting providers as i have alot of websites and i don’t know till this day which one is the best.

Hostgator – Tried and tested. I like this provider. It is cheap and never had any problems to this date. Easy to use.Has a 99.9 percent uptime too this provider.

Hosting 24 – A good platform , reliable and their reseller hosting package is really good. I get up to 50 websites a month for 35 dollars which is cheap and reasonable. The only downside to this platform is there is so many packages to choose from which can be confusing. The customer support is not bad not great.

Dreamhost – I like this platform. Cheap and reliable. You also receive emails everytime wordpress has been installed on a domain fast which is good. Customer service is friendly and good.

Dollar Hosting – Cheapest and very reliable. I love this site , i guess this is one of my top providers so far 🙂

I’d love to hear other peoples thoughts on hosting service providers.

SEO Consultant

Can You Trust An SEO Consultant?

Getting an seo consultant is no easy task. Yes you can trust them, but not everyone. So be very careful when selecting an seo agency to use.

If your website presence has begun to lower and its activity and start up business appears to have delayed, you may be wondering what’s going on. Simply put, because so much has evolved on the Internet particularly where technology can be involved, your popularity on major search engines like google could have dwindled.

Can You Trust An SEO Consultant?

The reason is simple. Things on the net have progressively advanced technologically and what worked well yesterday will not be working today. At the very least, you may need to incorporate some updated strategies.

Hire a Top SEO Consultant

But then again, there remain some questions that need resolute answers: How do you choose an ideal SEO consultant? Should you go for onshore or offshore outsourcing? For a better perspective, onshore outsourcing generally refers back to the means of delegating tasks with a 3rd party located inside same region/continent even though the second type means the process of coping with an outsourcing SEO services provider that is certainly located halfway around the world. Either way, a company who promises to delegate non-core competencies must consider several issues before eventually closing an arrangement with any target 3rd party provider.

Why SEO Training Is Relevant to Modern Businesses

Determine targeted keywords: Keywords are phrases which Internet users enter search fields to look for webpages containing products, services or information they desire. A web page containing popular keywords inside a particular marketplace is a fantastic foundation for SEO. These are determined by way of a technique of brainstorming, research, analysis and testing.

We often concentrate on the presentation in the website nevertheless the main purpose of creating an internet site is always to find the mark audience effectively for which it is essential to incorporate certain basic things inside to generate to ideal for the various search engines purpose. Here are few simple method in which should be able to drag in additional traffic to the web site for better page ranking and at the same time hold their interest to study the web site thoroughly. To get a top rated seo consultant that I have used and know is good just follow the link.

When you are seeking backlinks, it is also quite vital to just be sure you aren’t using any kind of link farms, expired domains, blacklisted sites or footer links. This can spoil your internet reputation and greatly affect your company. When you buy Backlinks, it is extremely important to make sure it is coming from a genuine service provider. These providers may also enable you to host your links for the best sites.

Web Animated Video Production: Homemade Is for Cupcakes, Not Your Brand Image!

video production
video production

You have an iPhone or possibly a flip cam, and you’ve already shot footage of a darling Emily’s 5th Birthday party, little Jimmy’s baseball game, and you’ve even filmed a few funny clips at the office with co-workers. Who needs to spend money on hiring a top Web animated Video Production Company when you can do it yourself, right? Wrong!
Firstly, any smart business owner knows that their time is best spent on handling the operations of their business, and not try to wear every hat. Many tasks are best delegated to others, or hiring the professionals so as to not waste time and money two very important commodities! So if your video doesn’t meet the criteria need to be a success, you may be wasting both!

With that said, let’s look at the following statistics:
179 million U.S. Internet users watched nearly 38 billion videos of online video content in February according to comScore.

Well over half of Americans purchased something online in 2011, and that number is expected to keep rising.

Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and up to 69% of traffic in certain networks according to Bytemobile research.

Video has permeated every facet of the digital landscape with the vast majority of American consumers searching for information about your products and services online from their computer, Smartphone or tablet. Your only have mere seconds to capture, engage, and connect with prospects today, and hands down video is the preferred solution.

This is also where having a professional web video production can make a substantial difference versus one that is homemade. The old saying You never get a second chance to make a first Impression resonates when it comes to your corporate web video. Immediately viewers will shape a certain perception about your brand when they see a homemade video vs. a professional web video production. While homemade video production might be good for bloggers, or showing to friends, it’s probably not the impression you wish to create for your online brand.

Homemade Videos for Your Business Website = Cheap and Cheesy
While the budget considerations are understandable at the outset, this line of reasoning is becoming increasingly impossible to support. The problem many small businesses who attempt amateur video will quickly noticed that it is nearly impossible to create a unique brand experience for site visitors.
The major goals of marketing, online or off, is to make your brand stand out from the crowd, a positive marketing experience, let alone capture the sale. To stay competitive, you need an experienced video production company on your side.

Let’s face it, besides knowing how to create and deliver a compelling visual message, one of the additional benefits of video is being able to connect with viewers on an emotional level. Professional actors are just that professionals! Not everyone is camera friendly, so professional actors allow you to present a polished brand image, and they’re also master at the art of persuasion, delivering your message just as it’s intended to!

Hiring an experienced firm for your video production services may seem like a difficult expense at first, but when you consider that your website is your storefront in cyberspace the venue that an increasing majority of customers will encounter first when they are searching for your products and services it makes just as much sense to have top video production company in your corner. It’s an investment in your business’ future, not an extraneous expense.

Monthly seo packages

Finding seo can be a challenge, trust me i know. I searched high and low for days and hours for seo companies that were actually any good.

Every site needs seo , i learned the hard way. i built an affiliate site and sat for three months expecting traffic and sales, but nothing was happening, so frustrating.

So i went on to google and googled things. I didnt realise it was alot harder than just building the site.

I needed seo. So i scoured the internet for prices and boom came across this site monthly seo packages. It was such a good experience and not too deadly in price neither.

The guys there are so helpful and helped my affiliate site rank top of google. I am now comfortably making 300 dollars per month on my affiliate site thanks to these guys

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